Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Christians with Depression: A Practical Tool-Based Primer (Spirituality and Mental Health)

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Does religion belong in psychotherapy?
For anyone in the helping profession, whether as mental health professionals or religious leaders, this question is bound to arise. Many mental health professionals feel uncomfortable discussing religion, while many religious leaders feel uncomfortable referring their congregants to professionals who have no knowledge of their faith, nor intent to engage with it.
And yet Michelle Pearce, PhD, assistant professor and clinical psychologist at the Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Maryland, argues that if religion is important to a client, then religion will be a part of psychotherapy, whether it is discussed or not. Clients cannot check their values at the door any more than the professionals who treat them.
To Pearce, the question isn’t really “does religion belong?” but rather “how can mental health professionals help their religious clients engage with and use their faith as a healing resource in psychotherapy?”
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Christian Clients with Depression is the answer to that question, as the book’s purpose is to educate mental health professionals and pastoral counselors about religion’s role in therapy, as well as equip them to discuss religious issues and use evidence-based, religiously-integrated tools with Christian clients experiencing depression.
In this book, readers will find the following resources in an easy-to-use format: 

  • An overview of the scientific benefits of integrating clients’ religious  beliefs and practices in psychotherapy
  • An organizing therapeutic approach for doing Christian CBT
  • Seven tools, specific to Christian CBT, to treat depression
  • Suggested dialogue for therapists to introduce concepts and tools
  • Skill-building activity worksheets for clients
  • Clinical examples of Christian CBT and the seven tools in action

Practitioners will learn the helpful (and sometimes not so helpful) role a person’s Christian faith can play in psychotherapy, and will be equipped to discuss religious issues and use religiously-integrated tools in their work. At the same time, clergy will learn how Christianity can be integrated into an evidence-based secular mental health treatment for depression, which is sure to increase their comfort level for making referrals to mental health practitioners who provide this form of treatment.
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Christian Clients with Depression is a practical guide for mental health professionals and pastoral counselors who want to learn how to use Christian-specific CBT tools to treat depression in their Christian clients.

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Depression book

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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: 7 Ways to Freedom from Anxiety, Depression, and Intrusive Thoughts (Happiness is a trainable, attainable skill!)

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A Practical Guide to Mental and Emotional Freedom!

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Feeling lost about how to effectively treat disturbing intrusive thoughts? You’re not alone!

This book contains brilliant advice from a former sufferer of anxiety, depression, and intrusive thoughts. Inspired by compassion, this book is a gift to fellow casualties of negative thought patterns, destructive behaviors, self-loathers, and those wishing freedom from persistent demons. Only by meeting our demons face-to-face can we hope to prevail and achieve inner peace.

Happiness is a trainable, attainable skill!

The most proven method for successfully treating mental suffering is CBT. However, there are also complimentary practices coming from Buddhist and Stoic philosophy. This book is aimed at equipping you with the most effective techniques for overcoming depression, anxiety, and intrusive thoughts. These are long-term solutions that have stood the test of time and scientific rigor.

Self-compassion is at the heart of CBT. Take a chance on this book today!

Exactly What You Will Learn…

How To…

  • Understand What Makes Your Mind Tick
  • See The Link Between Spirituality and Self-Help
  • Confront Anxiety Head-On!
  • Challenge Unhelpful, Intrusive Thoughts
  • Build a Better Relationship with Yourself
  • Break Bad Habits and Enjoy Life!
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The Brain-Body Solution: Somatic Therapy for Chronic Anxiety and Depression

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Have pills, counselling and physical exercise done little to help alleviate your anxiety or depression?

Talk therapy, exercise, and anti-depressant medications are currently the most population solutions for dealing with chronic anxiety and depression, and millions of adults in western countries now use these doctor recommended treatments for a wide range of mental health issues. However, many find that these conventional treatments do little to alleviate their chronic suffering.

The somatic (or body-based) approach to dealing with anxiety and depression is based on the idea that our thoughts and feelings are influenced by the two-way communication between our brain and body, and that many, if not most, people with chronic mood problems have dysregulated nervous systems rather than brains that are malfunctioning because of faulty thinking or chemical imbalances.

The Brain-Body Solution: Somatic Therapy for Chronic Anxiety and Depression is a concise ebooklet which explains why many common approaches to dealing with mood disorders fail to address core physiological issues in anxiety and depression, and why many sufferers don’t respond to the usual recommendations of antidepressants, counselling, and regular physical exercise. It also outlines a number of body-based approaches for dealing with chronic mood disorders that have been developed by psychologists, body therapists, and others working in the highly-challenging field of trauma therapy (approximately 10,600 words including glossary and resources).

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Depression book

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Learn How To Use CBT And The Power Of The Mind To Overcome Negative Thinking, Addiction, Depression, Phobias, Anxiety And Panic Disorders

Depression book



Why is it so difficult to overcome addictions, to stop smoking, to stop drinking excessively? Why is it so difficult to control the way you think? Why do people lie awake at night overwhelmed with fear, worry, and anxiety?

The answers to these legitimate questions and the journey to permanent change in your life lie in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Known as one of the most effective treatments of the 21st century for a wide range of psychological conditions, in this book you will learn how to overcome anxiety, depression, addiction and negative thoughts simply by changing the way you think.

The mind is the most powerful tool that you own, and if it is used correctly it will steer the course of your life in the direction that you want it to go. Nobody is happy living life trapped as an addict, or hijacked by depression. The goal of CBT is to assist you in developing a realistic thought pattern to help you understand why you do what you do and to respond better to the emotions that you find upsetting.

In this book you will learn how to combat the voices that you hear in your mind and to deal with anxiety, depression, addiction and negative thoughts in a rational way. This is a reassuring and practical guide to help you overcome self-defeating thoughts and behavior.

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Depression book

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Laser Physics Adjuvant Therapy Home Watch of Wrist of Diabetes, Hypertension, Cardiovascular Disease, Etc

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Functional features
1.Six effect syncretic: The blend of the radial artery, closed in acupuncture point, and other important parts of the meridians and nasal irradiation at the same time
2.Acupuncture point positioning accuracy
3.Automatic exposure
4.Low power design are greatly prolong the service life of the product
5. LCD display
6. Design science: wear more comfortable and safe
7. Simple operation
8. Portable
Product Application
1.High blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar and diabetes
2.High blood viscosity, cerebral thrombosis, stroke, and sudden death
3.The rhinitis, allergic rhinitis, acute rhinitis, chronic rhinitis, sinusitis and nasal polyps
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Physical therapy of diabetes

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Shikai – Borage Therapy Plant-Based Dry Skin Foot Cream, Combat Dry, Cracked & Flakey Skin On Feet & Lower Legs, Good For Dry Skin Caused By Diabetes, Non-Greasy (Unscented, 4.2 Ounces)

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