Superior Wedge Shaped Memory Foam Pillow 25” x 24” x 12” with Removable Rayon from Bamboo and Microfiber Blend Cover, Therapeutic Bed Wedge Pillow for Reading and Sleeping

Medicinal Sleep Aids


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Find ultimate relaxation with this memory foam wedge pillow! It is the change you have been waiting for. Its shape keeps your upper body raised for comfort and easier breathing. It can also be used as a leg or knee positioning pillow to provide back relief. The memory foam material is heat sensitive so your body heat will actually make the pillow even softer. The 12″ height gives our pillow a 26 degree wedge, high enough to provide breathing and acid reflux relief, but gradual enough for a comfortable sleep. This pillow can be paired with our standard size White Down Alternative Pillow or queen size Shredded Memory Foam Pillow to increase the height and angle.

This cozy pillow is fashioned with a removable machine washable cover made of a soothing combination of microfiber and rayon from bamboo. Our rayon from bamboo and microfiber cover and built-in channels allow air to circulate for a cooling, breathable pillow.

We have been manufacturing fine linens for over 40 years. We make everything from comforters and mattress toppers, to towels and bath robes, sheets, duvets, pillowcases, and bedskirts, and even area rugs. Our wide range of colors, patterns, and price points ensures that every one of our customers will be able to find something they’ll love. We are experts in manufacturing high quality textiles and pride ourselves on only producing the finest products.

See what our customers have to say:
“Excellent pillow, high back, helped to reduce my acid reflux.”
“I really like these wedges! They are good for acid reflux and snoring”
“This is the nicest of the pillows I’ve tried… Bottom line: high quality construction, innovative design, super comfortable in use, and nice washable cover”
“I love this wedge pillow, seriously I love it. The wedge is firm but supple, with a soft washable knit cover. It is very versatile, I can use it at my head or at my legs, and it can be turned in various ways to be used in different positions”
“Since it arrived at my door—compact—until I took it out of the package and it expanded to its present foam—it’s become my constant companion. Actually, it’s my “I can’t live without.””

And try them for yourself!
COMFORTABLE SUPPORT. Built-in channels for enhanced air circulation make this pillow comfortable to sleep or rest on in all climates. The removable zippered cover is made from 40% Rayon from Bamboo and 60% Microfiber for a comfortable, cooling pillow. Our memory foam wedge pillow makes a perfect pillow for sitting up in bed for reading or working, and makes an easy and thoughtful maternity gift

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Medicinal Sleep Aids
medical sleep aids

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