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Depressive disease is a medical disease that affects feelings, thoughts, behaviour, physical health, interpersonal relationship, job performance, sex life and other behaviour patterns of the affected person day after day. Depressive disease is not just “feeling of hopelessness”.

It is more than being sad or feeling grieved about a loss.

Depression is associated with low levels of two of teh chemical messengers, serotonin and noradrenalin. Depression runs in families and the close relatives of a depressed person are more likely to develop depression than other people. Depression is not caused by a single gene, but rather by a number of genes acting together to make an individual susceptible to developing depression when bad events happen.

Depressive disease is universal and has been prevalent in the society since time immemorial. Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the U. S. A. and Winston Churchill, the Prime Minister of England, also suffered from Depressive disease.

Depressive disease is prevalent in people of every country and every culture, affecting both the sexes and sparing neither the rich nor the poor.

It torments all ages, forcing the exit of some through self destruction (suicide) and steadfastly maintaining its core clinical features down the centuries.

The term “Depression” is so commonly used in everyday parlance that it fails to convince the people around that “Depression” could be a disease in itself.
The depth and the intensity of Depressive disease is usually not recognised and not appreciated by the family members of the sufferer and the people around him. Depressive disease is in fact one of the most agonizing illnesses and its real intensity is experienced only by the sufferer.

Depression results from an imbalance in the chemical messengers in the brain which the nerve cells use to communicate with each other.